The corporate image is one of the fundamental legs on which business success is sustained

Idescopio offers different graphic design services that can be customized and adapted to the needs of each individual company.


Naming is the use of different techniques for creating the name of a company, brand or product. The name chosen for any project is one of the most important decisions about what the brand experience will be as it is the tool that will allow us to be identified or differentiated from our competition in our business sector.


The innovative design of packaging, labels, boxes or type of packaging that the company may require with the idea of ​​making them stand out from among competing products within the same sector, taking into account factors such as facilitating transport, functional information on the package or the ability to improve the brand image of the company.


Here at Idescopio we understand branding as the discipline of management creation and development of a brand and its environment, understanding the brand as the perception of a person as a result of contact with a company, its products and services.
Branding is responsible for all the elements that make a brand function in a balanced manner.

Editorial Design

Editorial design is undoubtedly one of the most complete in the graphic design aspects, Therefore Idescopio puts at the disposal of our clients a creative director in charge of development, composition and layout of any editorial product, from a brochure to a reference book.

Corporate Identity

The corporate entity or visual identity of a company is the physical manifestation of the brand. A creative director assigned by Idescopio will be responsible for conducting a preliminary analysis of corporate business needs, design or redesign of logos and a corporate manual containing color specifications,standard variants, different sizes, fonts, etc.

Advertising Material

Idescopio graphic designers are specialized in creating promotional material commonly used for any business.
From posters of small, medium and large format, flyers, leaflets, brochures, tarps, banners, paper and corporate folders, envelopes, business cards, etc.