Internal and external decisions that help us to improve our financial results

Born from a unfavorable business enviornment, the business restructuring should be motivated by a change of internal and external choices of the company that improve their financial results.

Therefore Idescopio offers you a few services that will allow you to deeply analyze the origins of the actual situation which will ensure that you avoid choosing inadequate solutions.

Economic Reality

In times of economic hardship, loss of income, markets, banks or customers, due to lack of solvency or excessive debt and leverage problems, it is essential to know the economic reality of the assets in the company . With the prism of ratios, indices and their evolution provided by Idescopio the manager will have at their disposal the tools that will allow them to make decisions with the most effective business techniques.

Fraud Prevention

A business can be profitable, as well as insolvent. You can sell well and charge erroneously. You can purchase well and pay erroneously . Your money’s value is not always the same, depending on how you use, and how you dispose of it. The balance between the economic and the financial will not work well without a solid financial basis through which to develop investment plans. Without planning there can be no development and investment.


Through analysis of the costs of the company, products, services and departments, in order for the organization to know what activities are key to productivity and which areas are not being effectively managed and are costing the company more than the value they provide, Idescopio will ,after having followed through with analysing these areas or activities of the company, will determine which areas the company is most likely to benefit from having outsourced.
The ultimate goal: to design a minimal, agile and profitable structure, from which the company will be able to attain the most competitive cost. This will allow you can sell more, more efficiently, with a better margin and maximize the resources (which are always scarce) at its disposal, whether human or material..