The effective management of your resources allows you to reach your objectives in a more efficient and timely manner

The actuality of the market makes it clear that there are only a few companies that manage their full portfolio of resources in an efficient way in order to approach their targets.

Therefore Idescopio offers different services based on improving the business results of our clients.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting involves all the studies and research that are done in order to show you the different areas of improvement, develop strategies and scenarios that the managers or owners can choose from in order to facilitate the diversification, growth and or reorientation of their companies.


The decisions about an optimal cost structure, fixed and variable costs, are the most important ones and decision making on the growing numbers and the evolution of business results. Without any analytic calculations your company could choose the wrong contribution margin, and without being able to quantify fixed costs a manager will be unable to determine the sales volume needed in order to attain a profit.


Internal control processes from the economic, financial, analytical and commercial point of view, are the most relevant indicators to verify that a business is functioning properly. Idescopio provides the service of Internal Auditing Design, as well as supports the field work of the external auditors designing and implementing procedures to be followed.