Weeks ago in our company we have made an important decision regarding how we interact with our customers. This decision has meant taking rebranding actions ranging from the creation of a new brand that has replaced the previous,to the implementation of cleanse of our corporate image. The consequence of this process has been that our brand, ATC, has been renamed Idescopio.

With this process we have sought to achieve a corporate identity that fits like a glove to the business idea we want to convey with our new trademark, Idescopio. This idea is none other than to associate our brand values such as excellence, innovation, collaboration and creativity, basic pillars on which we have always supported the services offered by our team.

With this article we want to introduce our new trademark through the process that led to its birth. A rebranding process that is based on 3 key stages: the choice of naming or brand name, logo or brand architecture and positioning.

Rebranding Idescopio Naming

The name Idescopio was chosen from various options that were studied, It is the one that best defines our corporate mission: “to be for our customers a tool that allows them to find ideas and solutions to their inefficiencies resulting from their business management and actions marketing, and discover the opportunities supported in finding their differential advantage, thereby improving their business results”.

With the architecture of the brand or logo, we have tried to convey a message of transparency, trust and direct communication with our customers, noting that one of our key differentiating value is in generating innovative ideas capable of creating changes in the goods, services, labor and strategic methodologies in companies that trust us.

Finally, the last phase to the solidify the construction of Idescopio was known as positioning, where we had to find a strong association between our brand and the consumers objective achieved by using our services. This objective is exposed in our slogan, which we believe has been responsible for adding context and personality to our Idescopio: “We solve inefficiencies, we discover opportunities”.