Adequate provisions helps us to save on taxes

To weigh the tax consequences Idescopio offers a wide range of services that will help you to choose which is the most advantageous tax alternative for your company.

Tax Planning

Taxation, quantitatively affects the profitability of the investments of a company. Qualitatively affects the design of the organization and its growth. Financially it affects business results.

Idescopio offers to minimize your tax burden and optimize the balance between domestic taxation and international expansion. Contribution to society should not put you at odds, if done professionally, to maximize the business and its development.

Fraud Prevention

Sometimes in the introduction of a new line of business, creating a market, the development of an activity, a strategic alliance, such decisions must not only be supported by a strict legal consultation, but also by a comprehensive tax study to ensure respect for domestic or international tax law.
Before a decision is made there is a mandatory need to revise for fraud, money laundering or any other irregularity, not aligned to the activities of the organization. Idescopio will advise you on how to scrupulously adhere to Tax Laws.