SEO (Search Engine Optimization) deals with the positioning of the website where we are working with the best possible organic search results, those that are not paid. SEO can be divided into two groups, both of equal importance, the off-site and on-site SEO. The off-site SEO is responsible for external factors to the web on which we are working, such as social networking presence, authority to position the brand or the number of inbound links we have to our website.

SEO on-site, which we’re highlighting in this article, focuses on optimizing the website for search engines in which we would like to position ourselves, usually Google. We’re talking about the treatment of keywords, optimization of programming, content indexing, improved usability of the website or improving load time, among other factors to consider.

Better SEO on-site will help potential customers to find your website (thereby increasing the number of unique visitors), builds trust and credibility, position your company with regards to competition, it helps build a positive brand identity,and boosts its sales force.

In summary, an improvement of on-site SEO of your company’s website is an opportunity to vastly improve your business results!