At Idescopio Consultants  we choose to use the WordPress platform for the development of our corporate websites pages. This preference for the use of WordPress is based on a series of ideas that we want to expand in this post and hope to serve to show you the virtues and possibilities that this fantastic tool gives us.

Because it is developed under GPL, which in combination with its ease of use and its large deployment on the Internet (the most widely used CMS in the world) makes it a platform that is constantly being developed by a large community of IT professionals and developers.

As a result, updates regularly appear both for the platform, as the plugins you have installed.

This is why it is very useful for optimizing SEO positioning thanks to its compatibility with all conventional browsers, friendly urls structure, the use of labels and categories or their respect for  W3C programming standards.

In addition, as Yoast SEO plugins facilitate the executionof the most basic actions of technical optimizations of on-page positioning in major search engines.

Because CMS platform is possibly the most scalable, with the growth potential of a virtually endless website. From a first basic configuration, a basic landing page can become a complex web with everything that we can imagine (using custom forms, budgets, online shopping, gallery…).

Because it integrates seamlessly with the vast majority of formats and platforms. Making it possible to easily embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, installing buttons and boxes from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, relate pictures from Instagram or Pinterest, use audio from Soundcloud, attach documents in pdf format or facilitate the implementation of email campaigns with platforms like Mailchimp or Aweber, among many other options.

The learning curve is also extremely really fast, being a user-friendly platform and learning for anyone without previous knowledge in the use of any web application.

Moreover, thanks to its ability to incorporate multi-user access learning and use can be shared by several members of the same company.

As if these reasons were not enough to choose this CMS, we must mention that companies like Spotify, The Rolling Stones, The Huffington Post, BBC, Ford, CNN, Danone, Renault, MTV, PlayStation, CNN or UPS, are among many other large companies that use or have used WordPress for their campaigns or services.